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Patient. Knowledgeable. EFFECTIVE.

Ask any of my clients and these are some of the words they’ll use to describe me. I’m the guy in the trenches; I’ve probably been where you are now.

Now, I started off as a typical trainer in a typical corporate gym ... teaching people exercises the typical “textbook” way.

But what happened to me in 2016 completely altered the course of how I teach ... and how I live.

I was training in Muay Thai & was delivering a roundhouse kick to my sparring partner. I heard a “pop” in my hip. I crumpled to the ground.

Fast forward a week. I had seen some of the best clinicians in NYC. I should know, I mentored under a few of them.

After all, my background is in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, so naturally I take a scientific approach to movement.

I saw chiropractors. Physical Therapists. Strength Coaches. Acupuncturists. Shamans. And countless others.

But I still didn’t have any answers. According to the “experts” though, I was “fine.”

My pain got worse. I started to experience testicular torsion, which is like having a brick tied around the muscles behind your scrotum. ALL THE TIME. I couldn’t even train myself. I Front Squatted an empty bar for 3 reps and that completely wiped me out. I had to lie down in the gym’s office for 2 hours before I could muster up the strength to stand again.

I put on 40 lbs.

Wait, it got worse.

The pain kept me up at night. I suffered from insomnia for the rest of that year. I was pissed and I was starting to give up hope.

That’s when I met my mentor, Mike Zhao.

20 minutes. My hip pain was gone.

I stood up from the drill and the room had gotten larger. I felt heavier in my heels but lighter in my torso. I recognized that I had been carrying all this tension in my body because for the first time in YEARS, it was GONE.

I asked him how he did that.
He literally threw a Neuroscience textbook at me & told me to “get to work.”

The brain runs the show when it comes to movement. I felt like I was back at MIT, drinking water from a fire hydrant.

Fast Forward 3 Years:
I’m no longer JUST a personal trainer – I’m a Motor Skills Coach.

What Does This Mean for You & Your Pain?

Muscle tone is governed by the Central Nervous System. Your brain limits your range of motion & creates stiffness in your body because it doesn’t trust you to load the tissue. Sensorial input is ROYALTY here.

The more you can sense, the greater trust your brain has in you.

We need to learn how to sense our bodies. How can you change if you don’t even know how to observe what you’re trying to change?

A lot of the self-care methods we’re taught – such as stretches, exercises, & recovery methods – are actually hurting us long-term.

Are you open to a different way of looking at pain management and physical performance?

One backed by science?

One that gives you real pain relief, enhanced mobility, and the power to do the things you love again?

Let’s start a conversation.

Let’s talk about what YOU want.

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